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The version is applicable as of June 2023 

1. Subject 
i-riide publishes a courier contact platform accessible at or in the form of a mobile application, designed to bring together couriers who deliver parcels and mail on its behalf by accepting orders from members who wish to have a parcel/courier delivered to or collected from a given address. The platform operates in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and is governed by Swiss law. The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Use is to govern access to the use of the platform. We invite you to read them carefully and in their entirety before accepting them. You understand and acknowledge that i-riide is not a party to any agreement, contract, or contractual relationship of any kind between the members of its platform.
By clicking the “Login” or “Sign Up” button, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the Terms of Use.

2. Definitions 
“Platform”: has the meaning given to it in Article 1, above.
“Site”: the website is accessible at
” IRIID: the name of the mobile platform/application.
“TOU”: stands for the Terms of Use.
“Account”: means the account created to become a member of the Platform.
“Member”: any individual or legal entity that has created an Account.
“Sender”: is the member publishing the assignment advertisement
“Courier” : the member in charge and responsible for the mission
“Mission”: is indiscriminately a delivery mission
“Mission Announcement”: means the publication of a mission
“Transportation”: are all delivery/withdrawal routes.
“Services”: all the services provided by i-riide via its Platform.
“Service Fee”: is the amount related to the processing of an assignment advertisement
“Price”: the price including all taxes applied to a mission. It could be for a given trip.
“Flash”: refers to an urgent mission
“Algorithm”: means the set of operating rules specific to a calculation.

3. Platform Registration and Account Creation 
3.1 Conditions for Registration to the Platform Use of the platform is restricted to persons 18 years of age or older. Any registration on the platform by a minor is strictly prohibited. By registering on the platform, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.

3.2 Account Creation
The platform allows members to post-delivery missions, view mission announcements, and interact with each other to complete missions. To create your account, you must:
Fill in all the mandatory fields on the registration form. 
When creating your account, regardless of the method chosen, you agree to provide accurate and truthful personal information and to update it, through your profile or by notifying i-riide, to ensure its relevance and accuracy throughout your contractual relationship with i-riide.
In the case of registration by e-mail, you agree to keep the password chosen during the creation of your account secret and not to disclose it to anyone. In case of loss or disclosure of your password, you agree to inform i-riide immediately. You are solely responsible for the use of your account by third parties if you have not expressly notified i-riide of the loss, fraudulent use by a third party, or disclosure of your password to a third party.
You agree not to create or use accounts under your or any third party´s identity other than the one originally created.

3.3. Verification
i-riide may, for the sake of transparency, confidence, or the prevention and detection of fraud, set up a system to verify some of the information you provide in your profile. This is particularly the case when you provide your telephone number or your identification.
You acknowledge and agree that any reference on the platform or the services to “verified” information or any similar term, means only that a member has successfully passed the existing verification process on the platform to provide you with more information about the member for whom you intend to deliver. i-riide does not guarantee the truthfulness, reliability or validity of the information that has undergone the verification process.

4. Use of the Services 
4.1. Mission Validation
As a member, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the postings. You are only eligible to respond to an assignment if you meet all the following conditions:
– You have a valid driver’s license.
– You are and remain the principal driver of the vehicle.
– You are the owner of the vehicle indicated on the platform.
– or you use a vehicle with the express permission of the owner.
– You have no contraindications or medical inability to drive.
– The vehicle benefits from valid third-party insurance. (Civil liability)
– You have valid third-party insurance. (Civil liability)
– The vehicle you intend to use corresponds to the package category indicated.
– You are using a vehicle in perfect working order and compliance with customs and applicable legal provisions, with an up-to-date technical inspection. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content of the mission that you validate on the platform. Consequently, you agree to carry out the mission in accordance with the terms and conditions described in the sending member’s announcement.

5. Financial conditions 
Accessing and registering on the platform, as well as viewing and posting
missions, is free.
For the management of the payments between the Users and the collection of the matching fees, i-riide uses the services of the payment service provider Worldline, which manages the various payments and financial flows, thus paying the sums due to each user and to i-riide as part of the operation of the platform and the TOU. i-riide does not handle the funds paid and/or owed to the users and never has them in its possession, except for the matching fees that belong to it. In exchange for the Matching Services and all the functionalities offered by the platform, i-riide receives the matching fee, which is 21% of the transport.
Users´ banking and payment information is transmitted directly through Worldline´s servers and is subject to a security system. Worldline uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to encrypt credit card information. No credit card number is stored on i-riide servers.

5.1. Service Fees
In the context of a mission announcement, the amount of the contribution to the costs is determined by an algorithm calculated by i-riide, considering the distance (km), the size of the package, the flat rate for each category of vehicle and the flash option.

5.2. i-riide Commissions
i-riide charges its users a service fee of up to 21% of the total amount of the mission to the shipper in exchange for the use of the platform.
The terms and conditions for the calculation of the current service fees accessible here are for information purposes only and have no contractual value. i-riide reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions for the calculation of service fees at any time. Such changes will not affect the service fees accepted by users before the effective date of entry into force such changes.
For international travel, depending on the member´s country of residence, the method of calculating the amount of service fees and applicable taxes will vary. When you use the platform for cross-border travel, cross-border service charges are applied directly and can be filled by an affiliate of i-riide. You acknowledge and agree that i-riide may, in its sole discretion, round up or down the service fee.

5.3. Promotional Codes.
i-riide may, at its sole discretion, create promotional codes that may be used to obtain account credit or other features and benefits related to the services and/or the services of a Third Party Provider, subject to any additional terms and conditions established by i-riide on a case-by-case basis for promotional codes (“Promo Codes”). You agree that the promo codes must be used lawfully by the intended audience and for the intended purpose; may not be duplicated, sold, even transferred in any way or made available to the general public (whether posted in a public forum or otherwise) except as expressly authorized by i-riide; may be deactivated by i-riide at any time for any reason without liability to i-riide; may be used only under the specific terms and conditions set forth by i-riide for each Promo Code; are not valid for the receipt of cash; and may expire prior to use. i-riide reserves the right to refuse or reduce any credits or other features or benefits obtained by you or any other user through the use of Promo Codes if i-riide determines or believes that the use or redemption of the Promo Code was improper, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of the terms applicable to the Promo Code or these Terms and Conditions.

5.4. Methods of payment to the courier
5.4.1. Collection mandate With the use of the platform as a courier, you entrust i-riide with the collection of the amount of the service fee in your name and your account.
Consequently, within the framework of an order and after having validated the
order, i-riide will collect all the amount paid by the shipper. The service fees received by i-riide are deposited in an account dedicated to the payment of couriers.
You acknowledge and agree that none of the sums collected by i-riide in the name and on behalf of the courier shall bear interest. You agree to comply diligently with any request made by i-riide and, more generally, by any competent administrative or judicial authority for the purpose of preventing or combating money laundering concerning. You agree to provide, upon request, any useful proof of address and/or identity.
In the absence of a response from you to these requests, i-riide may take any action it deems appropriate, including freezing the amounts paid, suspending your account, and/or terminating these TOU.
5.4.2. Payment of the courier’s contribution to the courier’s expenses After the completion of an order, the couriers have 24 hours to file a claim with i-riide. If no complaint is made within this period, i-riide will consider the order to have been confirmed
After this explicit or implicit confirmation, you, as the courier, will have credit due on your account. This credit is equal to the total amount paid by the sender after deducting the service fees charged by i-riide. Any amount not claimed by i-riide shall be deemed to belong to i-riide at the end of the applicable 10-year limitation period.

6. Non-commercial and non-professional purposes of the use of the services and the platform by courier
As a courier, you agree not to ask i-riide to contribute to your expenses (vehicle maintenance, fuel, etc…). As a courier, you will also have to bear your costs related to the delivery route, for which you are solely responsible for it. 

7. Cancellation Policy 
7.1. Methods of reimbursement in the event of cancellation
This cancellation policy applies only to missions that have been accepted. i-riide
does not offer any guarantee in case of cancellation for any reason. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of cancellation by a shipper, i-riide will retain all service charges.
The following conditions apply to the cancellation of an assignment notice after it has been validated:
– In the event of cancellation attributable to the sender, the courier shall collect the full amount due to him. This is particularly the case when the sender cancels an assignment or does not arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes after the agreed time.
-In case of cancellation due to the courier:
– If the courier cancels less than one hour before the departure of the delivery as mentioned in the mission announcement, the sender is reimbursed the full amount. The service charges remain the property of i-riide and the courier does not receive any amount of any kind.
– If the courier cancels after the scheduled departure time, as mentioned in the mission announcement, or if he does not show up at the meeting place at the latest within 15 minutes from the agreed time, no refund will be made. The sender is compensated up to the totality of the contribution to the costs and the service fees are retained by i-riide.
– When a cancellation is requested by one of the parties, sender or couriers the latter receives a first warning from i-riide by e-mail.
– After the second cancellation, the member’s account will be suspended for a period of 30 days. – On the third cancellation, the member’s account will permanently be suspended. i-riide assesses at its sole discretion, based on the elements at its disposal, the legitimacy of the claims it receives.

7.2. Right
of withdrawal By accepting these TOU, you expressly agree that the relationship between you and i-riide, consisting of the establishment of a relationship with another member, will be carried out before the end of the withdrawal period upon validation of the mission and you expressly waive your right of withdrawal.

8. Platform user and member behavior
8.1. Commitment of all platform users
You acknowledge that you are personally responsible for compliance with all rules and obligations applicable to your use of the platform.
In addition, by using the platform and during the trips, you agree to:
– Not to transmit to i-riide (especially when creating or updating your account) or to other members any false, misleading, or fraudulent information.
– Not to make any comments, have any behavior or publish on the platform any content of a defamatory, insulting, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, offensive, aggressive, inappropriate, violent, threatening, harassing, racist, xenophobic and sexual nature, inciting violence, discrimination or hatred, encouraging activities or the use of substances that are illegal or, more generally, contrary to the aims of the platform, likely to infringe the rights of i-riide or a third party or contrary to good morals; – Not to infringe i-riide ‘s rights and image, in particular its intellectual property rights.
– Do not open more than one account on the platform and do not open an account in the name of a third party.
– Do not attempt to circumvent the platform by providing your contact information to another member in order to make the reservation outside of the platform and not pay the service fee.
– Do not contact another member, through the platform, for any other purpose than to define the terms of delivery.
– Do not accept payment outside the platform.
– Comply with these TOU and the Privacy Policy.

8.2. Courier Commitments
In addition, when you use the platform as a courier, you agree to:
– To respect all laws, rules, and codes applicable to the courier and the vehicle, to have civil liability insurance valid at the time of the delivery trip, and to have a driving license in force.
– Make sure that your insurance covers the items and that your deliveries are covered by your insurance.
– Do not take any risk at the wheel, do not absorb any product likely to impair your attention and your abilities, to drive with vigilance and safety.
– To respect the times and places agreed upon with other members (the place of appointment and delivery).
– To use a vehicle in perfect working order and conformity with the uses and applicable legal provisions, with up-to-date technical control.
– Communicate to i-riide or any sender who requests, your driver’s license, your registration card, your insurance certificate, your technical inspection certificate, and any document attesting to your ability to use this vehicle as a courier on the platform.
– In case of an impediment or change in the delivery schedule, please inform your sender without delay.
– In the event of cross-border delivery, have and keep at the disposal of any authority which would request any document likely to prove your identity and your ability to cross the border.
– Wait for the sender at the agreed meeting place at least 15 minutes after the agreed time.
– Do not validate an assignment announcement relating to a vehicle of which you are not the owner or that you are not entitled to use for delivery purposes.
– Make sure that you can be reached by phone by your senders, at the number registered on your profile.
– Guarantee to have no contraindications or medical incapacity to drive.
– To behave appropriately and responsibly during the mission.

9. Suspension of accounts, limitation of access and termination
You can terminate your contractual relationship with i-riide at any time, free of charge and without giving any reason. To do so, simply go to the tab on your profile page and delete the account.
i-riide reserves the right to terminate your membership if you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, or if you fail to comply with your obligations as a member as set forth in articles 6 and 8 above, or if i-riide has reasonable grounds to believe that it is necessary to protect its security and integrity, the security and integrity of its members or third parties, or to prevent and investigate fraud, by:
– Immediately terminate these TOU without notice.
– Limit your access and use of the platform
– Temporarily or permanently suspend your account.
If necessary, you will be informed of the implementation of such a measure so that you can give explanations to i-riide, then we will decide, at our own discretion, whether to cancel the measures taken.

10. Personal data
As part of your use of the platform, i-riide may collect and process some of your personal information. By using the platform and registering as a member, you acknowledge and consent to the processing of your identifiable data by i-riide in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of this Privacy Policy. 

11. Intellectual Property
11.1. Content published by i-riide
Subject to the content provided by its members, i-riide is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the service, the platform, its content (such as texts, images, drawings, logos, videos, sounds, data, graphics), as well as the software and databases that ensure its operation.
i-riide grants you a non-exclusive, personal, and non-transferable license to use the platform and the services for your personal and private use, for commercial purposes and within the scope of the platform and the services.
You are prohibited from any other use or exploitation of the platform and services and their contents without the prior written consent of i-riide. You agree not to:
– Reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, publicly represent but also broadcast the platform, services, and their content, except as expressly authorized by i-riide.
– Extract or attempt to extract (including by using data mining robots or similar data collection tools) a substantial portion of the data from the platform.

11.2 Content published by you on the platform
In order to provide the services and in accordance with the purpose of the platform, you grant i-riide a non-exclusive license to use the content and data that you provide in connection with your use of the services (hereinafter, your “member content”). To allow i-riide to broadcast through digital networks and any communication protocol (Internet and mobile networks), as well as to make the content of the platform available to the public, you authorize i-riide to reproduce, represent, adapt and translate your member content throughout the world and for the entire duration of your contractual relationship with i-riide, as follows:
– You authorize i-riide to reproduce all or part of your member content on any digital recording medium, known or unknown to date, and in particular on any server, hard disk, memory card, or any other equivalent medium, in any format and by any process known or unknown to date, to the extent necessary for any storage, backup, transmission or download operation related to the operation of the platform and the provision of the service;
– You authorize i-riide to adapt and translate your member content, and to reproduce such adaptations on any current or future digital medium, as set forth above, to provide the services, including in different languages. This right includes the right to carry out, in compliance with your moral rights, modifications to the formatting of your member content to comply with the platform’s graphic charter and/or to make it technically compatible with a view to its publication via the

12. Role of i-riide 
The platform provides an online matchmaking platform where members can create and publish mission announcements for parcel/mail delivery. Other members can view these job postings to learn about the terms and conditions and, if applicable, validate the job posting directly with the member who posted it on the platform.
By using the platform and accepting these TOU, you acknowledge that i-riide is not a party to any agreement between you and other members to deliver a parcel/courier.
i-riide has no control over the behavior of its members and platform users. It does not own, operate, supply, or manage the vehicles and/or objects of the advertisements and does not carry out any delivery mission on the platform.
You acknowledge and agree that i-riide does not control the validity, truthfulness or legality of the proposed mission announcements.
In its capacity as an intermediary, i-riide does not provide any transport service and does not act as a carrier, i-riide ‘s role being limited to facilitating access to the platform. During a delivery mission, members (shippers or courier) act under their sole and entire responsibility. In its capacity as, an intermediary, i-riide cannot be held liable for the non-performance or improper performance of a delivery, as well as for any damage – in particular physical, bodily or economic damage – that may result from this and from the fact that:
– Erroneous information communicated by the sender in his mission announcement, or by any other means, as to the delivery and its terms and conditions.
– Cancellation or modification of an assignment by a member.
– The behavior of its members before, during or after delivery.

13. Operation, availability and functionality of the platform 
i-riide will do its best to keep the platform accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, access to the platform may be suspended without prior notice due to technical maintenance, migration, updates, or due to failures or limitations related to the operation of the networks.
In addition, i-riide reserves the right to modify or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the access to the platform or its functionalities, at its sole direction.

14. Modification of the TOU 
These TOU express the entire agreement between i-riide, you and your use of the services. Any other document, in particular any mention on the platform (FAQ, blog, etc.), is for information purposes only.
i-riide may be obliged to modify the present Terms and Conditions of Use to adapt them to the technological and commercial environment and to comply with the regulations in force. Any modification of these TOU will be published on the platform, indicating the date of the update, and will be communicated to you by i-riide before coming into force.

15. Applicable law – Litigation 
The present TOU are written in English and are subjects to Swiss law.
You may also, if necessary, submit your complaints regarding our platform or our services via the online dispute resolution platform. In accordance with the rules applicable to mediation, before requesting mediation, you must have notified i-riide in writing of any dispute in order to seek an amicable solution. In case of litigation related to these conditions, the place of jurisdiction is Bern.

16. Legal Notice 
i-riide AG, at Weststrasse 94, 4900 Langenthal registered in the Bern Trade and Companies Register under number CHE-367.158.481. For any questions, you can contact i-riide using this contact form or the email address