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Your community delivery platform.

Shiiped, your new peer-to-peer delivery platform.

Shiiped is a community delivery platform:
It connects people expecting to ship or have a good delivery with occasional drivers wishing to share one of their trips.

Technology for collaboration.

Concerned about the environmental impact of goods consumption and travel today, Shiiped wants to reduce the carbon footprint of the delivery sector by promoting sharing services. Thanks to its algorithm, Shiiped connects you with drivers who travel the same route as the items you want to ship or pick up.

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More than a platform


Join the Shiiped community by making your first shipment or by becoming a delivery person for the time of a journey. Shipper or driver? Create your account and benefit from our loyalty and sponsorship program.


Make a shipment

You have just bought a superb second-hand television on Anibis, or you have forgotten your keys at home… and want to have it delivered?

Register your request on our Shiiped platform.


Complete a delivery

Do you want to mutualize your travel expenses or do you like to be of service?

Enter your itinerary on the Shiiped application and make a delivery on your way.



We strive for authenticity, honesty, and transparency.


Creating a relationship of trust and closeness between people.

Helping each other

Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships.


Think outside the box and strive always to be one step ahead.


Mutualize our resources for a more sustainable world.